Thursday, January 15, 2009

Concept Art

This is my 2nd Digital painting & 1st Digital Portrait
Completed in 12 hrs.
This painting is prepared with photoshop7.
Actualy this concept was sketched by another artist.
i coloured it

World Recorded Rangoli Exibition

Rangoli Subject: " Shivrajya-abhishek"
Rangoli Size: 75feet x30 feet
Rangoli started: 1st Sept 2004 at 9.00 pm
Rangoli Finished: 9th Sept 2004 at 8.30 am
Total Artist: Seven
Lead Artist: Ranjeet Patil & Vikas Patil
Other Main Artist: Shashikant Shedekar, Shankar Chavan, Krishna Chavan, Sandeep Shiragave,Santosh Chavan.
Helper: 5-6

The Rangoli Exibition was held at S.P College in Pune.We 7 people worked for 10 days 20-24 hrs. We had 5-6 more peoples who was helping for giving Colours & rangoli etc.After 220 hrs hard work we finally completed huge 75feet x 30feet (2250 squre feet) Rangoli

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Digital Painting

This is my third digital landscape, completed in 11 hrs.
This painting is prepared with photoshop7.